Introduction to the Book

Yes_About_the_Money_Book.jpegAll my life I’ve heard people say, “Money is not everything,” or “Money brings out the evil in people.” I’ve never understood that. This book is about money: How to get it, why you need it, and how you can help a lot of people with it.

This book is dedicated to those who have walked before me, blazing the trail to success; to those who have walked beside me, cheering me along the way; and to those who will walk behind me, learning from my mistakes and using the lessons to catapult them to success beyond their wildest dreams. -Steve Schulz

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Excerpt from Book Foreword by Jordan Adler

Steve Schulz is living proof that nice guys finish first. We have many mutual friends and virtually all of us would agree that Steve is one of the good guys. Have you ever looked down at the caller ID on your smart phone and noticed that it was someone you didn’t want to talk to? In fact the person calling you was someone that was guaranteed to zap your energy for the rest of the day? What did you do? You pressed the “ignore” button on your phone! You knew from the second your phone rang that if you answered it you would get an earful of negativity that was sure to, at the very least, bum you out, and at the worst, mess up your entire day. Steve Schulz is the opposite of that. When you meet Steve you are energized by his friendly demeanor, his attitude toward life, and his spontaneous sense of humor. Everyone loves Steve. 

Here’s the bottom line: Steve brings credibility to our profession and he has proven that it is OK to be a nice guy and still have a wildly successful business. For some reason people in business think that to have it all, you must step on others. You must be shrewd, tenacious, and cutthroat! According to some business experts, you must be willing to climb over bodies to get to the top and you can only win at the expense of others. Steve’s story isn’t just compelling because he has won in life, but because he did it without hurting or exploiting others. He cares about people. One of the main reasons people like him is because his mission is to serve others and treat people right. 

The green stuff is pretty powerful and compelling. It’s one of the main reasons we get involved, and it’s one of the key components to attracting others into our businesses. Steve nails it in this book. He does several things that make network marketing work for him, and you can do the same thing: 

• Be likable. 

• Be friendly. 

• Have fun. 

• Keep it simple. 

• Explain the money. 

Get out your highlighter and pen and mark up this book! Use it as a guidebook to making your fortune in network marketing. You’re holding your future in your hands right now. See ya on the beach! 

Jordan Adler, Network Marketing Millionaire, Author of the bestseller Beach Money®