Meet Steve

familyphoto.JPGSteve Schulz is a national public figure in the MLM industry with years of experience and stories of success.  

Steve Schulz has been working in the networking industry for 24+ years. When he was first introduced to the industry, he was full time school teacher. A school teacher not making enough money to do the things he wanted to do financially. After working his business part-time {3-5 hours per week} for about a year, his wife Colleen left her teaching position and about a year and a half later, Steve left his. Over the past 23+ years, he built an organization of more than a 170,000 Independent Representatives and has earned more than 15 million dollars. Today he resides in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin with his wife, Colleen, and his three children Megan, Emily, and Mike.

What He's Doing Now


Steve Schulz is the President of Field Operations for SendOutCards. Steve's passion for helping others was a perfect match for SendOutCards and their mission to use greeting cards to make a difference in the lives of others.  SendOutCards is an easy to use greeting card and gift service, helping people all over the world  to act on their promptings and is a vehicle for creating generational wealth. Contact Steve today for more information.