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What are people saying about Steve Schulz and his book "Yes, Sometimes it IS About the Money"?  We've collected some reviews and testimonials about Steve and his new book.  Once you've read Steve's book, feel free to leave your review so that we can share it with others!

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Reviewed by Annie Trajlinek on
Finally, after 24 years in the industry, Steve has written a book! If you were ever in a network marketing company, considered being in one, were approached by someone in one or are currently in one, this is a MUST read for you! Steve talks of real life experiences in the industry and does it with personal insights and humor. This is definitely the book you want anyone, new or experienced, in MLM, to read. It is an every day guide to the ups and downs of the industry. You will laugh, and you will cry, but one thing you won't do, is quit! Get this book today! You won't regret it.
Reviewed by Suzy Duffy on
Just finished your book. Brilliance!! We both read it in one sitting!! Couldn't
put it down! Love you Steve!
Reviewed by Mike Charbo on
Simply inspirational. If you know Steve, his exuberance comes out in this book, just like his passion does in person. A great read from start to finish, each chapter leaving you anxious for the next. Thanks for sharing your life and knowledge with us all!
Reviewed by Gayle Zientek on
This book highlights the emotional journey of building a network marketing business that everyone can relate to. We all have dreams and goals. This book encourages one to stay the course and reap the rewards of diligence.
Reviewed by Lynn Selwa on
A hilarious and thought-provoking memoir of the voyage from frustration to joy as a distributor in the network marketing profession. Steve reveals his inner journey, including the anger and fear, that has shaped his compassion for people and unshakable confidence in his chosen industry. Steve's true stories are fun and teach realistic advice for distributors at every level of success... and he invites you to create your own. Pick up your copy today!
Reviewed by Jean Hoover on
It hits the nail on the head in every chapter. I am going to go back with a highlighter and mark the parts that apply to my issues. Then I am taking the book into my office with me for reference when I get stuck.
Reviewed by Carol Saso on
What a great book! It is a must read for everyone who is in or is thinking about joining a network marketing company. It is a fun and thought-provoking look at the journey everyone takes to reach the top. There is great advice hiding in Steve's entertaining stories. Thanks for being so real, Steve!
Reviewed by Mary Sloan on
I have read the book cover to cover. Many lessons learned. Re-reading to jot down important information and use daily. Read the book it can change your life!
I am thinking about purchasing 2 more as gifts!
Great book! A Must Have book! Go get yours today!!
Reviewed by Beth Heidvogel on
I am inspired and motivated to continue on the path of assisting others with reaching their goals!!! Thank you Steve and Colleen Schulz for the copy of "Yes, Sometimes It Is About the Money!" So blessed to call you friends! xoxoxxox Excellent read for anyone who has a dream! :))
Reviewed by Mary Sloan on
Exciting , motivational, thought provoking. Worth the money!! Life Changing! Everyone certainly will benefit from this book. Purchase it now.
Reviewed by Pauline Liske on
Met Steve in '94, his teaching in how to market and make money is known by 1000's of people. Those who listened made lifestyle changes and never looked back. Congratulations on a great book!
Reviewed by Phebe Trotman on
Steve Schulz your book is incredible... just finished it last night and must say thank you thank you thank you! Awesome stories (some parts even had me laughing out loud), so many powerful lessons, and it has helped me dream bigger!! I appreciate you. xo
Reviewed by Diane Walker on
Hi Steve, Just had your book sent to me up north, so I could read it on the plane coming home. I got 3/4 of the way thru it on the plane. It was an amazing book and really gives a good insight into the industry and what you can accomplish if you choose. You are amazing and I could relate to so many of your stories. I would recommend EVERYONE read this book. Thanks for sharing with us.
Reviewed by Judy O'Higgins on
Fantastic book - so many lessons embedded in the stories! I just finished reading it - WOW! I'm giving it to my team!
Reviewed by Sylvia Schneider on
Wow!!OMG!! You have to read this book and get a copy for everyone on your team. I received my copy in the mail and couldn't put it down!! Steve, thank you so much for sharing your personal story of success. You are so right! We are all facing the same challenges building our businesses that you and your partner Pat faced building yours. Every page I read sounded just like me. I highly recommend that everyone read your book. I am looking forward to your next one!! Thank you for inspiring me to keep moving forward and to DREAM BIG!!!
Reviewed by Karen Putz on
For every network marketer out there, this is a "must read!" Steve highlights the ups and downs of his journey to success and it is written in such a way that you can feel yourself going through every step of it. Each chapter has several tips and lessons you can apply to your own business. This is the book you'll need on every step of your own network marketing journey!
Reviewed by Carmen D'Amore on
Steve, your book is spot on and awesome, I couldn't put it down, I read "Yes,Sometimes it is about the money" in two nights.I really enjoyed the comparison of the Crabs in the Pail. It truly inspires me to want to continue this unbelievable journey, because, YES, it is a Journey not a sprint. Thank You for sharing your story.
Reviewed by Monica Ramanathan on
Would you like to have a conversation and pick the brain of a multi-millionaire? This book is such an enjoyable read and written in such a conversational style that you feel like you're just chilling out having a beer and a conversation with Steve. Yet, at the same time, there are simple yet profound thoughts. Such simplicity, such wise words that will help you condense your network marketing profession goals into a shorter time frame while expanding your vision. Steve is genuine and the real deal.
Reviewed by Callie Shields on
This is a must read book for anyone in the network marketing industry no matter if it’s your first day or you have been in for years. This book is a manual for keeping your head in the game as Steve shares his story from being a dead broke school teacher to becoming an icon in the industry. Through his story you learn that you are not alone as you go through this journey. That with persistence, dedication and the willingness to share your opportunity and your company, you can have everything this business has to offer, including the money to change your life and the time to enjoy it as well. Steve reminds you that not everyone will see what you see and that’s okay. Stay in the game, keep sharing , and “Yes, Sometimes it is About the Money” and sometimes it’s about so much more.
Reviewed by Mary Swarts on
I LOVE this book & have made sure everyone on my team has received a copy! Steve has practical experience & shares it with his readers in a story format you will not be able to put down! You will see that no matter what ups & downs you've been through you are not alone as you go through this journey. You too CAN have what Steve has, you just have to treat your business like a business. Its not easy but it is SIMPLE. I highly recommend everyone picks up a copy of “Yes, Sometimes it is About the Money” & spread the word!
Reviewed by Linda Scott on
Valuable information for anyone in relationship marketing. Steve's book "Yes,
Sometimes, it is About The Money" is unrestricted access to many amazing assets
tools and insider tips, that are business building solutions for building your
own business. A Must READ!

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